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Entrevistas y disertaciones de economistas referentes de la Teoría de la Moneda Moderna

Entrevista a Bill Mitchell en Valencia

Bill Mitchell – The Eurozone and its Current Political and Economic Crisis

Warren Mosler: unemployment, dogs & bones

Entrevista a Randall Wray

Entrevista realizada el 6 de marzo de 2015 con motivo de la presentación en Madrid del libro de L. Randall Wray “Teoría Monetaria Moderna”

Presentación del libro En favor del trabajo garantizado, de Pavlina Tcherneva

Presentación en Argentina del nuevo libro de Pavlina Tcherneva, en favor del trabajo garantizado, en colaboración con el Grupo Bolívar.

Agustín Mario–Presentación del libro Teoría moderna del dinero y empleador de último recurso

Presentación del libro de Agustín Mario, Teoría del Dinero Moderno y empleador de última instancia. Cómo la Argentina puede usar el pleno empleo para controlar la inflación en el Primer Encuentro Iberoamericano de Teoría Monetaria Moderan


Exit Strategy Workshop No 5: Monetary Finance in the Age of Corona Virus: MMT and the Green New Deal

The world is going through a remarkable transformation in the aftermath of an unprecedented shut down of economies all over the globe. Before the crisis there was already significant debate about how to pay for the costs associated with the transition to a low carbon environment. That debate has intensified as treasuries and central banks are scrambling to find ways to pay, not just for climate change policies, but also for social insurance to compensate the millions of workers who have been asked to sacrifice their livelihoods for the social good. Rebuilding Macroeconomics will host a Webinar on Wednesday May 20th, 2020 from 16:00 to 19:30 BST (UCT+1). to discuss these issues. The conference is organized and co-hosted by Professor Roger Farmer from the Management Team and Megan Greene of the Advisory Board. We have an exciting line up of prestigious speakers. If you would like to join us for the discussion please contact Richard Arnold of Rebuilding Macroeconomics. Programme: Chairs: – Roger E. A. Farmer: Professor of Economics, University of Warwick, UCLA, & RM Management Group Member – Megan Greene: Economist & Visiting Senior Fellow, M-RCB at Harvard Kennedy School Speakers: – Warren Mosler: President of Valance Company and one of founders of Modern Monetary Theory – Narayana Kocherlakota: Lionel McKenzie Professor of Economics, University of Rochester, and Former President Minneapolis Fed – Ann Pettifor: Political Economist, Author & Public Speaker – Vítor Constâncio: Professor of Economics at Navarra University, Madrid and Former ECB Vice President – L. Randall Wray: Professor of Economics, Bard College and Senior Scholar Levy Economics Institute – Stephanie Kelton: Professor of Economics & Public Policy, Stony Brook University – Laurence Kotlikoff: William Warren Fairfield Professor of Economics, Boston University

Entrevista a Stephanie Kelton.

La autora de The Deficit Myth desmonta el mito del déficit público.

OECD NAEC debate con Stephanie Kelton